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Are you a first time home buyer on Long Island, NY ?


Green Life Homes is a real estate company that specializes in getting first time home buyers the best deals. Green Life Homes help people in Long Island, Queens, Valley Stream, Freeport, Hempstead, Uniondale, Oyster Bay, Bethpage, Babylon, Brookhaven and Huntington. Green Life Homes’ believes everyone should be able to get their piece of the American Dream and believes in going above and beyond to make sure their clients find the home that is right for them.

Green Life Homes has many success stories of happy customers whom found their dream home thanks to the guidance of its professionals. Green Life Homes is committed to service with an emphasis on reliability, timeliness and accountability and provide their clients all the information needed to help them make the best investment decisions.

According to Zillow Porchlight, avoiding recurring transaction costs is the primary reason that financial experts think real estate should be kept as an asset for the buyer’s lifetime. Very few home buyers understand the significant risk of real estate, most being swept in by a smooth talking seller or a pretty looking home. Green Life Homes understands the real risk of real estate and will help their clients make the best choice they can without them having to cut corners. Just like how you go to a lawyer for legal issues, you should go to the experts at Green Life Homes to assure you buy the home that actually meets your needs.

Green Life Homes helps first time home buyers find affordable homes in Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Hempstead, Freeport, Uniondale and across Long Island, Queens and New York Metro Area. Call (516) 762-8200 today for a free, no-obligation consultation or email Whatever your housing goals, Green Life Homes is here to help.


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