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Short Sales for First Time Home Buyers


A short sale is the situation in which a lender (Bank or Financial Institution) agrees to accept a mortgage payoff amount less than what is owed in order to facilitate a sale of the property by a financially distressed owner. Simply put, the buyer gets a discounted price since s/he is paying a price Lower than what the property is actually worth. With the rise in foreclosures over the years (since 2008), short sales have been on the rise – which allow first time home owners an opportunity to buy a home for a bargain!

The process can often seem intimidating or overly complex – which is why its best to work with an expert to navigate the various complexities of the process. Green Life Homes specializes in serving First Time Home Buyers realise thier dream of owning a home in a nice neighborhood and, at, the most affordable price possible! Schedule a Free Consultation by calling (516) 762-8400 or by emailing

Green Life Homes is a full service Long Island Real Estate Company, serving Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties. We specialize in finding first time home owners their first home, satisfying the need to have a piece of the American Dream (Homeownership). No matter the area of choice, we can help you get the best possible deal. We’ve successfully helped many many customers find and close the best deals in Valley Stream, Hempstead, Freeport, Uniondale,Merrick and nearby areas. Call us (516) 762-8400 or email . Whether you’re looking for real estate agency near me, short sale long island, residential realtor, residential real estate agency, short sale near me, home loan modification, real estate loan modification or anything else, please give us a chance to help you.


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